Injury Treatment

When you come to us for an Injury treatment you will have a full consultation in order for us to fully understand your injury. We will ask about your medical history as well as your current injury.


The Injury Clinic is fully equipped with electrotherapy apparatus to help with your treatment. We have charts which will help to answer any questions you may have on your injury so that you have a better understanding of your injury.


Once the consultation is finished and the injury has been explained to you. We will explain what treatment we recommend and what you can do to improve your injury during your day to day life. This will be tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. We will give you simple but effective exercises that will help you to overcome your injury. Some of them you can do at your desk at work, on the train home or even while you brush your teeth.


Treatment Plans

A treatment plan will be discussed and on agreement we will begin the treatment which may use a number of techniques including Massage, Ultrasound, K taping and Trigger Point Therapy.


We will also advice you on how to prevent further injuries. Please look at our FREE Injury Prevention Sheet which gives you simple ideas to help reduce the risk of Injuries.


We have also included a table to show when to ICE your injury and when to HEAT your injury to avoid confusion.

60 minutes £35

30 minutes £25


Free Resources

If you have recently sustained an injury you should start treatment as early as possible to achieve the best results.
Download our Injury Prevention article: