Gait Analysis

What is Gait Analysis?

Gait Analysis is the assessment of your movement, either walking or running. By assessing your gait, we are looking for any biomechanical abnormalities.

How can you benefit from Gait Analysis?

Unlike other Gait Analysis assessments, we are looking at your movement as a whole and seeing if there is anything we can do to help you move more efficiently and with less risk of injury. We are not looking to sell you shoes. Your gait changes on a daily basis due to previous injuries, posture or tight muscles so it is important to understand how your body works. 


Kieran, our Sports Therapist and England Athletics Qualified Running Coach, will assess you for any underlying injury and to understand if a simple correction in your running gait can prevent further injuries or enhance your performance.


We will assess your gait through a series of images, initially looking at your feet in their natural state (walking barefoot) and then in trainers, to see how you stand and walk in both situations. In order to apply the analysis to your running, we will assess how your body responds with your trainers on and off. We will see how you run on a treadmill at various speeds. Using software, we watch your running at 1/8th of a second to see how your gait truly works.


Taking advantage of Kieran’s wealth of experience as a sports therapist, a session will also include an assessment of your joints and movement patterns. You will be assessed for range of movement (ROM), flexibility and also muscle strength. The aim is to give you a full understanding of how your body works and where there is room for improvement.


The session may include

Advice and understanding of your gait

Specific warm ups and cool downs drills



Preventive exercises (Prehab)