Our Classes

Stevenage Injury and Massage Clinic aims to help you stay fit and healthy. For this reason, we have provided classes that are available for all fitness levels aimed at getting you fit and healthy whatever your goal is. Our instructors are here to help you and are passionate about what they do.


Pilates offers a comprehensive range of fully bespoke services tailored to people’s goals. Experience expert training from our instructor with Body Control and workout in an award winning Pilates studio. Pilates can help you overcome injuries and enhance your fitness, whether you are competing in sport or simply seeking to improve your standard of living.
Group classes up to 12 people and more bespoke 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 sessions.



Yoga practice is for everyone, young or old, professional athlete or professional accountant, we all have something to gain from a regular practice. An ancient system of meditative movement with roots in Indian Vedanta, the physical postures of yoga (known as Hatha yoga) are merely one aspect of this incredible practice. A typical yoga class will lead you through a series of both static and dynamic postures (known as asanas), working to synchronise breath and movement in order to warm, tone and open up your muscles.


Most yoga classes also include a period of conscious relaxation, to help your mind and body assimilate the affects of the practice. On a purely physical level, through learning the foundations of mindful movement you will gain strength and flexibility and on a deeper level, a disciplined practice can lead to stress reduction and a greater connection between mind and body. By increasing the range of movement in your joints and muscles and creating stability and strength in the joints, a safe yoga practice can help in recovery from injury and reduce patterns that lead to chronic pain.


Alongside many empirical benefits, ongoing scientific study has lead experts to believe that asana (yoga posture) practice, combined with mindful breathing patterns can aid in reducing high blood pressure and hyper tension.


PIYO - Ladies Only

Do you want to lose weight, build muscle & strengthen your core, including your glutes?


Have joint limitations or going through injury rehabilitation?


PiYo is high intensity but low impact. You will sweat and burn calories at the same time as strengthening and toning your whole body. Without weights or jumps!


PiYo is like the ‘perfect storm’ of group exercise formats. It combines strength training, cardiovascular training, and balance and flexibility training all into one choreographed group fitness experience!


Using Pilates and Yoga moves as inspiration, PiYo was created in America by Chalene Johnson.


Kettlebell - Ladies Only

Tone your whole body whilst improving your strength with our new Kettlebell class!


The sessions are designed to tone, strengthen and give results of toned bum, legs and stomach while having fun. You will swing, squat and lunge your way to a new you.